What is Sprix?

Sprix is a portable, easy-to-use accessory designed for all who wear pants: it keeps pant hems clean, dry, and intact while doing bathroom business. Sprix is a patent-pending device consisting of two cuffs connected by a flexible coil. Each cuff is wrapped around the pant leg and ankle prior to lowering pants; the cuffs hold the pant legs in place, keeping the slack off wet, dirty, germy floors (while also ensuring that hems aren't ripped with a heel). The connecting coil is mainly for transport purposes and can be detached and re-attached in order to keep pant legs high and/or dry in other situations.

Is Sprix for me?

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What are people saying about Sprix?

"The most fun I've ever had in a bathroom."

- Jen H.

"I love both sizes of @mysprix and do NAWT go out without them."

- Joe J.

"Wow! I had no idea this was a thing. Now that I do, I can't believe it didn't happen sooner!"

- Haley C.

"Tfw you know your pants won't puddle in the piddle."

- Anna D.