Sprix is a portable, easy-to-use personal convenience item designed for all who wear pants. It keeps pant hems clean, dry and intact while doing bathroom business. Detach the connecting coil and Sprix can be used for other purposes where pant legs need to stay high and/or dry.

Sprix is a patent-pending device consisting of two cuffs connected by a flexible coil. Each cuff is wrapped around the pant leg and ankle prior to lowering pants; the cuffs stay in place, keeping the slack of pant hems off dirty, germy floors (while also ensuring the hem is not ripped by a heel). 

Just how germy are public bathroom floors, you ask?

Bathroom floors are covered in microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.). These microbes can live and grow in fabric. They are tracked into bathrooms by multiple users, sent airborne by toilet flushes and hand dryers, and left behind via bodily fluids from those whose bathroom etiquette standards aren’t as high as yours or ours. Heavy foot traffic (hello, festivals) and lack of ventilation (ahem, porta potties) contribute to the germy environment. Studies have found that even after a thorough cleaning, some surfaces are covered with bacteria and viruses again within minutes. Even popping a squat outdoors risks getting your own errant fluids on your pants. Sprix is the solution to keep pant legs off the floor/ground so they stay dry, look nice, and maintain cleanliness while also reducing the need to launder pants, therefore prolonging your clothing's lifespan.


Where did this idea even come from?

You know how they say that good ideas come to you in the shower? Well, mine came while using the bathroom at a nice restaurant many years ago. (As someone with a small bladder, I spend a lot of time in public bathrooms.) I had on dress pants with a wide leg and was looking down at them pooling around my feet on the wet floor when I thought, "Why has no one invented a gadget that keeps your pant hems off gross bathroom floors when you're sitting on the toilet?"

After thousands more trips to public bathrooms on planes, at festivals, stores, bars, and during road trips, I realized that no one had come up with a solution, so I set out to create one. I knew I needed something that was easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, and easy to tote while I was out and about. As a female, I also needed something that made the juggle of executing the "hover squat" (you know, clutching the slack of your pant legs, as well as your drink/purse/keys, while simultaneously hovering over the toilet and trying not to fall over <or in!>) a bit more manageable since I never sit directly on a toilet in a public bathroom.

Sprix was born in 2020 and the product was launched in 2021. A patent is pending, the product is assembled in the USA, the company is based in Atlanta, GA, and it is woman-owned. Follow along on our journey to #affixsprix to pants worldwide!