General FAQs

What is Sprix?

Sprix is a portable, easy-to-use personal convenience accessory that keeps pant hems clean, dry and intact while you’re doing bathroom business.

How does Sprix work?

The two cuffs are wrapped around the pant leg and ankles prior to lowering pants. The cuffs, which are connected by a flexible coil, hold the pant legs in place, keeping them off wet, dirty, germy floors.

Do I really need this product?

Yes, you do! Think of the last time you were in a porta potty, or in an airplane lavatory, or using a gross bathroom in a bar. Didn’t you wish there was a way to have your pant hems *not* touch the wet, dirty, germy floor? Didn’t you wish there was an alternative to clutching your pants in your hand or between your knees so you could focus on doing your business as quickly as possible? Despite the recent push for cleanliness during the COVID pandemic, studies show that even after a thorough cleaning, some surfaces are covered with bacteria and viruses again within minutes.

When and where will I use my Sprix?

Any time you want to protect your pant hems from getting wet and/or dirty. Sprix was developed to keep pant hems off gross public bathroom floors (porta potties, airplane lavatories, restaurant/bar/store/gas station bathrooms, campground facilities, squat toilets and the great outdoors), but it may also come in handy for other purposes. Tag us on social media to show us your #sprixfix.

Is Sprix for females only?

No way! While females do need to sit down for their bathroom needs, males have to take a seat every once in awhile, so Sprix is designed for all who wear pants, all around the world! (Kids may find it useful, too.)

How do I store my Sprix?

Very easily. Sprix can be stored coiled or taut. When coiled, it’s more discreet and easy to store in a pocket or in a bag. It can also be carried on the wrist by either the coil or by wrapping the cuffs around the wrist. When taut, the cuffs are only about 1.5mm and can be stored flat.

What is Sprix made of?

Sprix’s cuffs are made of steel wrapped in PVC and felt with an ABS plastic coil connecting the cuffs. The steel is pliable which allows the cuffs to both coil around the ankles and straighten out to become taut. The PVC (aka vinyl) covering was chosen for its flexibility, moisture and microbial resistance, and ability to be cleaned with mild cleaning products. 

How can I keep my Sprix clean?

Both sides of the cuff can be wiped with a cleansing wipe after each use. The coil is waterproof and can also be cleaned with a cleansing wipe.  


Can I place an order without creating an account?

Yes. You can place an order as a guest with no obligation to create an account. We do recommend that you create an account, however, if you’d like to check your order history and have your shopping basket items and payment details saved for next time. It’s quick and easy to create an account - just click the person icon in the top right corner and then click "Create Account." 

When will my order arrive?

Orders that require shipping within the U.S. will be delivered within three to ten days, depending on your preferred shipping method. Shipping to countries outside of the U.S. may take up to 14 days. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your item has shipped. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, but due to current, ongoing issues with delays in shipping, we cannot guarantee when a shipment will arrive.

How do I track my package?

You will receive an email from Sprix containing a tracking number which you can use to monitor the status of your shipment. Due to current, ongoing issues with delays in shipping, we cannot guarantee when a shipment will arrive.

How soon do you ship my product?

Your order is typically shipped within 24-48 hours.


What is your return policy?

Due to the hygienic nature of this product, returns are only allowed within seven (7) days from date of receipt and only for manufacturing defects. You must contact us and ship the product back to us within that seven-day period. 

How do I initiate a return?

Please visit the Contact page and let us know the details about why you’re requesting a refund. For faster processing, please include your order number within the body of the message.

Will I be charged for shipping a returned item back to Sprix?

Yes. Once the product has arrived and the defect has been inspected, Sprix may elect to refund the cost of return shipping paid by the customer. Sprix is not responsible for return shipments lost or misplaced in transit.


What is Sprix’s privacy policy?

Visit our Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page for details.