Do you go into airplane toilets in your socks?

There are a few plane etiquette questions that have left the internet divided in recent times.

First there was slammertime, where business class passengers challenged each other to skull flutes of champagne like (pampered) vikings, then there was window shade gate, where an American man and woman (verbally) fought bitterly for control of a shared space, and then there was this mid flight yoga controversy, where one woman’s cheeky act sparked outrage among fellow passengers.

And who could forget the moment a Spirit Airlines passenger lit up on a flight, sparking outroar?

Adding to this quirky corner of aviation news literature is yet another question that Cape Town based model Jess Lee Buchanan last night posed to Instagram.

“Your nighty uncomfortable question,” Buchanan wrote.

“Do you go into airplane toilets in your socks?”

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